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Introducing Prologis Essentials—now with rapid support, helpful resources and curated products and services all in one convenient online location.

Customer Resource Center

Your resource for property information, staying up to date on industry trends and getting to know the Customer Experience Team supporting you in your business mission.

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24/7 Access to Property Information & Industry News

Find property details, read the latest news and discover industry trends and innovations to help you stay ahead of the logistics curve.


Your Customer Experience Team

Get best-in-class support from your own team of multidisciplinary experts ready to help you achieve success in every aspect of your business. 


Facility Management

Easily submit and view status updates on service or repair requests for HVAC, plumbing, landscaping and more. 




DESIGNATION International Technology Company

“The Prologis Essentials site makes communicating requirements very easy and the speed of the response was unbelievable. With 24 hours I received 3 responses, 1 was even same day. In addition to ease of use the follow up customer service was impressive. I received a follow-up call asking how things were going and if I needed anything additional. Prologis Essentials is best in class. I'd give it a five.”

Essentials Marketplace

The convenient place to shop for cost-effective solutions to get—and keep—your warehouse up and running.

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Procure Products and Services

Save search time with quick access to products and services from Prologis-trusted vendors.

Leverage our scale with Prologis-preferred pricing.

Shop custom solutions for forklifts, racking, time-saving services, LED installs and more.

What Prologis Marketplace Offers

We're rolling out the products you need to operate your facility efficiently and cost-effectively


We've done the legwork to find top-quality vendors who'll make sure you have a clean, safe facility.

material handling

We're your one-stop shop for solutions with Prologis-preferred pricing from quality vendors.


We're your one-stop shop for solutions with Prologis-preferred pricing from quality vendors.


Automation solutions help you get more productivity from your workforce.

smart buildings

The best way to streamline technology and optimize productivity.

workforce solutions

Our partners can help you hire, engage and optimize your hourly workforce.

Customer Experience Team

Each Prologis customer receives support from a dedicated Customer Experience Team—a multidisciplinary group of experts here to help you achieve success in every aspect of your business. Your dedicated team acts as an extension of your own team, so you receive best-in-class support and always know where to turn for assistance.


Leasing Officer

The leasing officers work directly with you to develop deep understanding of your business, strategies and goals - then brings you customer solutions that meet your unique needs.


Real Estate & Customer Experience Manager

The real estate & customer experience manager is your go-to contact for any need, day and night. As an extension of your team, they'll work to anticipate your needs and respond with exceptional service to your requests.


Real Estate & Customer Service Coordinator

The real estate & customer service coordinator facilitates your questions and requests and ensures you always get the help you need when you need it.


Maintenance Technician

The maintenance technician performs basic maintenance in the building and serves as your contact on the ground to coordinate maintenance services with outside vendors on your behalf.


Construction Manager-Operations

The construction manager-operations identifies, coordinates and manages your construction projects—working directly with you to ensure the project is done right.

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