How to Report Water Damage From Rainfall

How to Report Water Damage From Rainfall
Prologis Park Cedros, Tepotzotlan, Mexico

What to do if you discover a leak.

Leaks related to rainstorms

Stormy weather sometimes means leaks in the roof, skylight, windows and even walls. If you discover a leak, please follow these tips to provide the details we need when you enter a “Fix It Now” service ticket on your property page in the Customer Resource Center (CRC).


Leaks from office or warehouse ceilings


Is the leak near any electrical equipment?

If so, we want to prioritize your ticket with the vendor that will make the repair.


Can water from the leak be collected in a trash can?

We’d like an indication of how quickly water is accumulating and how much water damage there might be.


Is water leaking near any HVAC returns or supplies?

Check the ceiling tiles next to the returns or supplies, and let us know if you see water stains. These water stains could also indicate water is coming through the HVAC equipment, or there is a drainage issue with the pan itself.


Leaks from skylights

If water mists through the skylights during strong winds with heavy rains, there’s not much that can be done. Our skylights are ventilated, and we cannot stop the mist caused by wind combined with rain. Nonetheless, please submit a ticket, so our roofing vendor can check the overall condition of the skylight.


Leaks from windows and front entries

Over time, the caulking around the windows will crack, which can result in leaks during heavy rainfall. The windows will need to be resealed after the storm passes and all surfaces are dry.


If water threatens to flow under the front door, your Prologis team will contact a vendor for mitigation.


Leaks from warehouse walls

Water sometimes leaks through hairline cracks in warehouse walls when a building settles over time, which causes concrete or expansion joints to crack. After the storm, we will dispatch a vendor to seal the cracks.


Floods in parking lots

Storm drains get clogged by built-up debris, which causes parking lots to flood during heavy rains. When this happens, our maintenance technicians or a vendor will clear the drains.


Sharing as much detail as you can in your service ticket will assist your Prologis team with dispatching the appropriate vendor to the site as soon as possible. Please contact your Prologis team directly if you have any questions.