Keeping Floors Clean

Keeping Floors Clean
Sweeping warehouse floor

Are your warehouse floors sweaty? The cure depends on the cause.

Floor sweat in a warehouse can cause a dangerous slipping hazard for both employees and equipment. To keep moisture in check, consider these questions:


Do you keep the doors open during times of high humidity?

Keeping the doors open impacts the internal conditions of a building as outside temperatures and humidity levels change throughout the day and evening hours. With the doors open, moist air from the outside enters and settles on the floor. Installing high-revolution fans to circulate the air will help prevent moisture from condensing on the surface of the floor, as well as help regulate temperatures and make the atmosphere more comfortable for workers.


Regular dock maintenance also keeps doors functioning properly, so they’re easy to open and close. And if you must keep the doors open, set up condensation meters with indicators to alert you when conditions become ripe for floor sweat.


Do you clean the warehouse floor regularly?

If you keep the doors open and do not scrub the floors regularly, dirt will likely accumulate in the pores of the concrete. When moisture is introduced, it produces a slick surface that resembles oil.


To resolve this problem, scrub the floors thoroughly. Several cleanings may be necessary initially to remove the dirt from the pores of the concrete, and routine scrubbing thereafter will help keep sweaty slabs at bay.


Contact your Prologis Real Estate Customer Experience Manager for help with sweaty floors.

Prologis Real Estate Customer Experience Managers (RECXM’s) work directly with our customers to find solutions that help mitigate floor sweat effectively without impacting operations.